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The territory of Fermo stretches north-south along the Adriatic coast from the Chienti to Aso rivers and west as far as the Sibillini mountains. It covers an area of around 1,000 square kilometres and has a population of 190,000.

The territory is typical of Appenine scenery with a flat coastline, a rich and varied hinterland and a mountainous area (the Sibbilini mountains). The latter’s varied flora and fauna led the area to become a national park. The beauty of the area is enriched by the mountain peaks some of which are over 2,000 metres above sea level, like Monte Vettore , la Priora and la Sibilla as well as deep canyons like Infernaccio and Foce di Montemonaco.

From terraces overlooking the sea to those inland:

The Fermo landscape is steeped in history. The constant presence of man has modified its aspects guaranteeing conservation of its natural and cultural elements. There are many towns from where it is possible to admire the variety of the landscape where the long farming tradition has worked the hills with geometric precision. This has created a harmonious blend of valleys and old fortress towns.

The historic theatres of Fermo:

A visit to the theatres of the Fermo region ,where the diverse expressions of art blend together, enables an understanding of the social evolution of places born of cultural demands. One is seduced by these places when one imagines them as they used to be, crowded with people and in constant transition.

Crivelli, Pagani, Fontana and Licini: Fermo seen through the eyes of its artists:

The sweetness of the landscape is characteristic of this part of le marche: hills leading down to the sea with high mountains in the background. A scene of great harmony is often found on the canvases and paintings of great artists such as Crivelli, Pagani, Licini and Fontana.

Towards the gateway to the Sibillini mountains:

The scenery of Amandola, the gateway to the Sibillini mountains with its many paths reminds us of a world of legends and magical stories by Antoine De La Salle and Guerrin Meschino, the prophecies of the Sibillini and fairytales.

The coast: Experience our seaside:

The key word here is enjoyment. The coast is one of the treasures of this territory that spells out the word welcome, making this zone one of the great bathing destinations.

Traditional crafts:

This is a region that today still maintains its real identity through traditional activities from ceramics to straw crafts which reminds us of the industriousness of the Fermo people.
The artistic craftsmanship is based on old working traditions fused with up to date technology.

Local cuisine:

Gastronomy is the thread running through the whole region and in every village one can find excellent local cuisine. The specialities are many in this region that lies betwwen the sea and the mountains.

Roman and Piceno archaeology of Fermo. Looking for the oldest signs.

The existence of Femo from the bronze age has been well documented thanks to archaeological discoveries found in three picene necropolises dug around the town and, as can be seen from their structure, they tell of a once large piceno town.


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