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The local landscape and the abundance of surrounding land has provided us with the possibility to develop a series of services for one’s fitness and well-being: jogging routes, green areas for sports, woods for group gymnastics, relaxing moments outdoors, water aerobics in our open air swimming pool and the solarium.

For children we offer a play park and a kids’ pool.

To maximise our guests’ free time the village offers the following services:

For sports lovers

  • Mountain bike excursions organised by local enthusiasts (in conjunction with TritaKatene);
  • Local jogging routes;
  • Green areas for sports;
  • Water aerobics (medium level);
  • Swimming pool.

For those seeking lighter activities and contact with nature

  • Cycle tours in association with TritaKatene;
  • Morning gymnastics in the local wood;
  • Water aerobics (beginners);
  • Local walks;
  • Horse stables in the neighbourhood;
  • On site shop selling local organic produce.

For those seeking complete relaxation

  • Local excursions (visits to medieval towns, cultural exhibitions, fashion outlets, local festivals);
  • Gastronomic tours;
  • Swimming pool and solarium;
  • Park with woods, play areas and paths;
  • Nature walks;
  • Kids’ play park.


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